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Individual Assessments

The developmental foundation of your organization is a skilled, mentally tough, and reliable workforce. MVA can assist by providing assessments in multiple dimensions. Click here to learn more about MVA’s individual assessment offerings.

Team Assessments

MVA’s professionally designed team assessments can help uncover unforeseen performance issues and identify unleveraged strengths. Team assessments can be conducted via many different avenues; in-person sessions, email, or through customized surveys and applications. Many of MVA’s assessments use highly specialized rubricks validated through years of experience by top industry professionals. Click here to learn more about how MVA’s team assessments can help your organization.

Organizational Development

Developing a healthy synergy between culture, engagement, and leadership takes careful, practiced cultivation. Your organization performs at its best when these characteristics are closely aligned. Through a combination of leadership development strategies, engagement insights, and industry expertise – MVA can help your organization maximize the talent and creativity of its greatest asset – its people, positioning your business for both short and long-term success. Click here to learn how MVA can help your organization reach the next level.

Training Management

MVA provides a wide range of training programs built to address to ever-changing developmental requirements of today’s business world. We offer multiple training and coaching programs. Click here to learn more about the wide array of training programs MVA offers.

Managed Learning Services

Today’s learning and development teams are being forced to accomplish far more with less. Pressures from both internal and external forces, a lack of focus due to distractions generated by other business lines and core competencies push learning and development further and further down the line. Investing more in learning and development today helps save organizations money tomorrow: click here to learn how.

Curriculum Development

The curriculum development team at MVA includes subject matter experts, educational systems designers, and technical management specialists. We only use industry-proven processes and methods to develop and deliver high-quality curricula built using the ADDIE (analyze-design-develop-implement-evaluate) method. MVA’s curriculum development services set the bar: click here to learn more.

Coaching & Mentoring

The best-run organizations understand the necessity of leveraging cost-effective coaching and mentoring solutions. Pivoting away from ineffective organizational behaviors to those most conducive to increasing performance is a complex task, laden with complications not easily navigated. MVA provides the coaching and mentoring programs your organization needs to optimize your leadership, and your people. Click here to learn more about MVA’s coaching and mentoring offerings.

Medical Training

MVA offers solutions to cover all of your organization’s medical training needs. The MVA medical training team is supported by a team of leading surgeons, specialist physicians, general practitioners, and former special forces operators. MVA medical training programs serve the needs of a broad variety of fields and institutions including law enforcement, military, hospitals, clinics, first responders, oil refineries, drilling rigs, oil platforms, educational facilities, and individuals in their homes. Click here to view a list of offered medical training programs.

Emergency Response & Hazardous Materials Training

MVA offers first-response and hazardous materials (HAZMAT) training programs and resources for any and all first and emergency responders. Click here to learn more about MVA’s emergency response and HAZMAT training services.

Staffing & Recruiting

MVA provides both short and long term staffing solutions to suit every need. We can assist with large and small projects with both temporary or temporary-to-hire staff. MVA has the experience your organization needs to provide high-quality candidates for your next growth cycle. Click here to read more about our staffing and recruiting services.

Human Resources Services

MVA offers an entire suite of human resources management services, suited to fit needs for organizations both large and small. Beginning with recruitment, and moving forward through the entire employee lifecycle, MVA’s services optimize your talent management efforts, reduce overhead and direct costs, and improve operational efficiency by simplifying your management processes. Click here to learn more about MVA’s human resources services.


MVA offers consulting services to meet complex requirements not addressed appropriately by any of our other service lines. Click here to learn more about why MVA consulting might be right for you.

Additional Services

MVA can help your organization by providing retainer-based services on a recurring monthly basis. We are proud to offer both in-house and virtual options to address reoccurring challenges that require outside assistance, insight, or perspective. Click here to learn more.

Leadership & Growth

Develop the very best leaders and teams; improve organizational performance, plan for succession, empower skill development, and analyze compensation.

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Training & Learning

Over 75 percent of CEOs are concerned that shortages in key skills might impair their organization’s growth. Mitigate your concerns by taking proactive action today.

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Recruiting & Staffing

Deliver a seamless talent acquisition experience. Engage top candidates with professional recruiting services, use data and technology to simplify your hiring process, or take advantage of our staffing services.

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