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Solutions & Service Offerings

Solutions to meet the most complex needs.

Individual Assessments

Potential & evaluation: individual assessments

The developmental foundation of your organization is a skilled, mentally tough, and reliable workforce. MVA can assist by providing assessments in the following dimensions:
  • Basic employee skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Influencing and negotiating
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Adaptability and conflict management
  • Performance management
  • Integrity and character
MVA’s assessment programs can be customized to meet your organization’s specific requirements.
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Team Assessments

Potential & evaluation: Team assessments

MVA’s professionally designed team assessments can help uncover unforeseen performance issues and identify unleveraged strengths. Team assessments can be conducted via many different avenues; in-person sessions, email, or through customized surveys and applications. Many of MVA’s assessments use highly specialized rubricks validated through years of experience by top industry professionals.

Our skilled assessors offer neutrality and fresh perspective in addition to offering a pathway to more candid and direct dialogues with your personnel. Our unbiased third-party approach means that your team has more trust in confidentiality, and fewer worries about unlikely repercussions and retaliatory behavior.

Though team-focused assessments have proven to be reliable indicators of group behavior, it would behoove most advanced teams to understand the individuals comprising those teams in order to better understand the teams of which they are members via our individualized assessment offering.
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Organizational Development

Increased effectiveness: organizational & leadership development

Developing a healthy synergy between culture, engagement, and leadership takes careful, practiced cultivation. Your organization performs at its best when these characteristics are closely aligned. Through a combination of leadership development strategies, engagement insights, and industry expertise – MVA can help your organization maximize the talent and creativity of its greatest asset – its people, positioning your business for both short and long-term success.

MVA recognizes that true success occurs only when all key components of an organization are aligned and prepared to tackle challenges on a unified front. By equipping the entire organization with the leadership skills they need to thrive, and providing the foundation to build an unshakeable culture of engaged employees – your organization will be prepared to be a vanguard of its industry. 

Leverage employee engagement and enthusiasm to spearhead innovate trends, utilize cutting-edge technologies in exciting new ways, and ultimately shape the future of your industry. MVA can help your organization achieve higher levels of engagement and enhanced leadership practices with:
  • Coaching
  • Culture & Change Leadership
  • Team Engagement
  • Leader Development
Our organizational development services include:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Needs Assessments
  • Planning
  • Instructional Design
  • Coaching
  • Retreats
  • Team Building
  • Customized Learning & Development
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Training Management

Business leadership: training management

MVA provides a wide range of training programs built to address to ever-changing developmental requirements of today’s business world. We offer the following training and coaching programs:
  • Generic Training Courses
  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Professional Speaking
  • Professional Development
  • Annual Employee Training
Each of the training programs we offer undergoes a rigorous research and educational design process. Our training programs are proven to enhance on-the-job performance and employer outcomes.

MVA’s experience delivering training through a variety of channels means we have the expertise to present instructional solutions that best suit your needs. From virtual experiences to multimedia courseware, spoken reenactments to complex and complete training simulations, MVA has the knowledge to deliver on your needs.

Our training solutions include:
  • Training Needs & Analysis
  • Capability Based Assessments
  • Training Courseware Design
  • Course Material Production
  • Lesson Delivery
  • Program Activity Management
  • Training Facility Design & Construction
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Managed Learning Services

Do more with less: managed learning services

Today’s learning and development teams are being forced to accomplish far more with less. Pressures from both internal and external forces, a lack of focus due to distractions generated by other business lines and core competencies push learning and development further and further down the line.

MVA has the resources and expertise to relieve the pressure and provide high-quality managed training services that cover the full spectrum of learning on your organization’s behalf.

Our certified, cloud-based learning management system can assist your organization in training your employees, partners, customers, and/or students. With customizable online learning portals for your learners and our years of experience producing professional training courses, offering new learning solutions to your end-users has never been easier.

MVA gives your employees the ability to complete learning tasks on-the-go with native iOS and Android apps with advanced features such as course downloads for offline access as social integrations for online material.
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Curriculum Development

Foster positive improvement: curriculum development

With experts on staff in the areas of curriculum development, instructional design, and technical writing, we have produced a wide variety of training programs, including curriculum and instructional materials for commercial clients, government and non-government organizations and agencies.

We create training materials that utilize tested adult learning methodologies and hands-on exercises to guide learning based on performance standards. The curriculum development team at MVA includes subject matter experts, educational systems designers, and technical management specialists. We only use industry-proven processes and methods to develop and deliver high-quality curricula built using the ADDIE (analyze-design-develop-implement-evaluate) method. Whether you need a one-hour webcast or week-long training, we can assist you in developing training materials tailored to your needs, goals, performance standards, objectives, and corporate culture. MVA’s curriculum development process begins with identifying procedural and control deficiencies, then progresses through the investigation and understanding of any discovered deficiencies into solution recommendation and implementation. Our instructional system design capabilities include:
Technical training programs:
  • Training publications
  • Training management systems
MVA can provide the following services:
  • Instructional design
  • Conduct course kickoff meetings
  • Design of curriculum and information architecture
  • Development of learning strategies and activities
  • Management of project, timelines, and workflows
Technical writing:
  • Transform written course content into readable and visually pleasing formats
  • Create graphics, animations, and presentation materials to enhance and reinforce content
  • Edit and check for grammar and usage of written materials
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Coaching & Mentoring

Improve and perform: coaching & mentoring

The best-run organizations understand the necessity of leveraging cost-effective coaching and mentoring solutions. Pivoting away from ineffective organizational behaviors to those most conducive to increasing performance is a complex task, laden with complications not easily navigated. MVA provides the coaching and mentoring programs your organization needs to optimize your leadership, and your people. 

The assessment process begins with MVA coaches gathering input from your managers, peers, and direct reports through the use of our 360-degree employee survey.

Goal-setting occurs when an MVA consultant meets with the candidate organization to determine their perception of strengths and weaknesses, and to distill themes from the input collected during the assessment. Typically, a candidate organization will establish two or three areas where significant development and learning goals ought to be established. Additionally, the MVA organization coach will assess the candidate organization’s learning style preferences to plan future developmental sessions.

The MVA process traditionally progresses onto a series of six to twelve development sessions for the candidate organization, including exercises specifically focused on the learning goals gathered from the previous goal setting sessions with the MVA organization coach. Additional assessments are sometimes recommended if deemed appropriate by the organization coach

Each one-on-one session is followed by an individualized on-the-job assessment in which the candidate organization can use to assess individual candidate skills.  A task subject-matter-expert (such as a lead, supervisor, or manager) will be asked to provide feedback to the individual candidate during the coaching process when appropriate. The individual candidate and coach ought to use the feedback gained here for future learning sessions. 

MVA coaches also provide feedback to supervisory and management teams as needed throughout the coaching process (on the terms of an agreement previously set forth by the candidate organization).

The MVA training coach, candidate organization, and candidate will form an agreement on the summary of learning progress, as well as suggestions for the future. The individual candidate will also share their experiential insights and accepted, applied changes alongside their management team, specifying any requisite support. The MVA training coach typically provides a feedback summary to the candidate organization.

MVA’s years of industry experience and knowledge can help your business better leverage every layer of your organization, from front-line support to executive management. 
Ask us for more information on our:
  • Leadership development and executive coaching programs
  • Professional development programs
  • Professional speaking services
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Staffing & Recruiting

Actionable prospecting: staffing & recruiting

MVA provides both short and long term staffing solutions to suit every need. We can assist with large and small projects with both temporary or temporary-to-hire staff. MVA has the experience your organization needs to provide high-quality candidates for your next growth cycle.
Our staffing services include:
  • Temporary staffing
  • Temporary-to-hire
  • Direct hire
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
MVA’s recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service enables MVA to act on an organization’s behalf to provide all (or a portion of) internal recruitment functions. Through our RPO service, MVA is able to manage the entire recruitment and hiring process, from job profiling through new-employee onboarding. A properly managed RPO will reduce the length of a company’s path-to-market, reduce time-to-hire, increase the quality of a given candidate pool, and provide verifiable and actionable metrics, all while reducing cost and improving compliance. MVA’s recruitment process outsourcing service is designed for organizations with significant and consistent hiring needs.
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Human Resources Services

Productive refocusing: Human Resources services

MVA offers an entire suite of human resources management services, suited to fit needs for organizations both large and small. Beginning with recruitment, and moving forward through the entire employee lifecycle, MVA’s services optimize your talent management efforts, reduce overhead and direct costs, and improve operational efficiency by simplifying your management processes. 
Our Human Resources management services include:
  • Human Resources consulting
  • Human Resources business process outsourcing
  • Human Resources management services
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Medical Training

Reduce risk: medical training

MVA offers solutions to cover all of your organization’s medical training needs. The MVA medical training team is supported by a team of leading surgeons, specialist physicians, general practitioners, and former special forces operators. MVA medical training programs serve the needs of a broad variety of fields and institutions including law enforcement, military, hospitals, clinics, first responders, oil refineries, drilling rigs, oil platforms, educational facilities, and individuals in their homes. 

MVA works with our clients across the globe to maintain and enhance life-saving medical skillsets and techniques that thousands rely on every day. The MVA team’s unmatched array of experience and exposure to unique situations enable us to create true-to-life training scenarios and simulations, complete with actors, state-of-the-art facilities, mobile structures, proprietary techniques, and training kits. 
MVA provides the following medical training and services:
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) | Duration: 1 week
  • Basic Combat Medic Certification (68W) | Duration: 15 weeks
  • Advanced Combat Medic Training (68W1 / 18D / SARC) | Duration: 8-12 months
  • Prolonged Field Training Course (PFC) | Duration: 5 weeks
  • MedEvac
  • Active Shooter
  • HAS-LC Basic
  • HAS-LC Advanced
  • HAS-LC Train-the-trainer
  • Real Life Simulations
  • Global Response
  • Medical Staff Certifications
  • Prehospital Trauma Life Support
  • First Response
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Emergency Response & HAZMAT Training

Emergency response & Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) training

MVA offers first-response and hazardous materials (HAZMAT) training programs and resources for any and all first and emergency responders. If your organization requires training for police officers, firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, other first responders, public works personnel, or other members of an emergency response team – the professionals at MVA can assist your organization in establishing an academy, training corps, and/or assist in the pursuit of organizational certifications.
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Addressing complex needs: consulting

MVA offers consulting services to meet complex requirements not addressed appropriately by any of our other service lines. Take advantage of an MVA coach with industry-leading experience to help implement best-practices, learning methods, learning systems, and how to leverage thoroughly researched and well-designed curricula to best serve your employees, and ultimately your clientele.
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Additional Services

Thinking outside the box

MVA can help your organization by providing retainer-based services on a recurring monthly basis. We are proud to offer both in-house and virtual options to address reoccurring challenges that require outside assistance, insight, or perspective.
Some of our additional services include, but are not limited to:
  • Retaining services
  • In-house consulting
  • Virtual consulting
  • Process improvement
  • Web-based training
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Leadership & Growth

Develop the very best leaders and teams; improve organizational performance, plan for succession, empower skill development, and analyze compensation.
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Training & Learning

Over 75 percent of CEOs are concerned that shortages in key skills might impair their organization’s growth. Mitigate your concerns by taking proactive action today.
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Recruiting & Staffing

Deliver a seamless talent acquisition experience. Engage top candidates with professional recruiting services, use data and technology to simplify your hiring process, or take advantage of our staffing services.
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