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Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners

MVA leverages the strength of our strategic network to extend our reach and capabilities to our clients. MVA’s strategic partners assist in assuring the most rigorous training standards are met; they empower us to offer the most current and relevant training available, and they enable MVA to certify training for credit or continuing education requirements.

Norwich University

Founded in 1819, Norwich University is a small, private, not-for-profit university that offers professional and liberal arts programs. Campus is located in the rural town of Northfield, Vermont and provides education to both military and traditional students. As part of Norwich University, the College of Graduate and Continuing Studies and Norwich Pro deliver online programs in a rigorous academic environment by building on the 200 years of university tradition. When you enroll in our online programs, you will become a part of Norwich’s legacy, which harks back to our founding as the nation’s first private military college.

AQR International

AQR International’s goal is to make high quality psychometric tools and assessments accessible to users of all types – managers, trainers, coaches and teachers – to support them in making better decisions about people. In turn leading to more effective intervention and development.

CTx Education Group

CTx mission is to bridge the gap in AI knowledge and AI Talent in the region, helping to prepare the local and national workforce for the jobs and innovations of the future, while contributing to improve the rate of adoption of AI applications in enterprise, academia and government.

Leadership & Growth

Develop the very best leaders and teams; improve organizational performance, plan for succession, empower skill development, and analyze compensation.
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Training & Learning

Over 75 percent of CEOs are concerned that shortages in key skills might impair their organization’s growth. Mitigate your concerns by taking proactive action today.
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Recruiting & Staffing

Deliver a seamless talent acquisition experience. Engage top candidates with professional recruiting services, use data and technology to simplify your hiring process, or take advantage of our staffing services.
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